Extra Curriculum Activities

In addition to the curriculum set out by the Scottish Government, we offer a wide range of extra curricular activities. At Acorn Park we believe it is important to introduce our children to as many different and new experiences as possible, encouraging their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. In order to do this we teach a wide and varied curriculum. This includes specialist teaching in the subjects Music, Enjoy-a-Ball and Pyjama Drama.


At Acorn Park the children are introduced to the Colourstrings Music Programme.  This is lead by Yvonne Wyroslawska.

“Younger children possess an innate musical ability which combined with a natural curiosity and creativity makes working with this age group a highly rewarding experience”

Even the youngest of babies enjoy music.  Music and creative play form an important part of a child’s development. Songs, simple rhymes, and musical games encourage the development of important creative, interpersonal and social skills as well as developing children’s fine and gross motor skills and co-ordination. Music can also aid early literacy and numerical skills and helps extend children’s imagination by providing an outlet for creative expression. By introducing children to the joy of music making from an early age, we help them grow to become happy, confident and successful learners in all areas of life.




A wealth of interesting places exists on our door step and we try to make use of as many of them as possible. The children regularly visit the Art Galleries, Transport Museum, Book Shop, Post Office and Library etc. We also arrange visits from the Community Police, Fire Brigade, Dentist and Doctor. On any outing the ratio of adults to children will be 1 adult to 2 children.


Enjoy-a-Ball has obvious benefits for our children's physical development but sport also has great potential for developing children's language, confidence and self esteem.  There will be lots of opportunity to use action words such as kick, score, throw, run and catch, as well as developing turn taking skills and co-operative play. 

The children take great pleasure in all of these activities and there is always great excitement on the days that these take place.