3 5 room oct2013 075Our Kindergarten is situated on the ground floor providing a bright and spacious environment.

Within the Kindergarten a great deal of thought and planning is used to ensure the children enjoy active learning in a caring and safe environment.

All areas stimulate the children’s imagination and encourage all aspects of their development and learning, as well as enhancing their creativity.

Tables are provided for various games, jigsaws and construction equipment as well as other educational toys and games. Equipment in our rooms is made from both natural and manufactured materials with great care being taken to ensure that different cultures and abilities are reflected.

The children are encouraged to experience many different art media as well as explore the visual elements of pattern, texture, colour and shape, etc. They investigate and use a wide variety of materials and techniques. Tables are set aside for painting, sticking and malleable activities. Areas are also provided for sand and water play.

Children are encouraged to use pictures, paintings and constructions to create their personal view in response to what they see and experience.

Physical-development is of prime importance and our aim is to integrate physical development with play. The children are encouraged to develop their large motor skills, balance and co-ordination using equipment that is appealing, challenging and exciting such as balancing beams, hurdles, balls and hoops etc.

Our Library is a cosy and comfortable room which houses our Smart Board, book corner, computers, audio equipment etc to familiarise the children in the use of a wide variety of ICT equipment. Books and stories play a vital role in a child’s language and literacy development. We have a wide range of fact, fiction and poetry as well as foreign language books. Our computers introduce the children to simple mathematics, language and graphic programmes. It provides opportunities for them to count, sequence and colour match. Finally our audio equipment promotes listening skills. The children enjoy hearing stories, following instructions as well as being able to record and listen to their own stories.

The Kindergarten is overseen by Miss Vari McDonald (B Ed Hons) who is also Co-Owner of Acorn Park Nursery.  It is managed by Mrs Rebecca Dawson.